Terms of Use

Establishing CBDStartup DIY accounts:

By default, all Active Account Holders with an active DIY CBD STORE subscription will have access to all items listed in the shop page of the CBDStartup.io platform.  At any time, we can decide to not work with an account holder for any number of reasons. When such a situation occurs, the account holder will be notified that CBDStartup is no longer interested in working with them. At this point, the Account Holder is expected to remove our items from their store. We have no obligation to fulfill any future orders from the Account Holder. If CBDStartup would like to resume working with the supplier at a later time, they can submit a request three months later. CBDStartup can choose to re-initiate the working relationship at any time.

Account Holder may only use products in their e-commerce store. If a retailer wishes to sell products in 3rd party marketplaces, it is required that they ask for permission. CBDStartup doe not allow items to be sold in 3rd party marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and others. Please check our approved E-commerce marketplaces before signing up.

Account Holders may not resell items in an app which they create for drop-shipping. CBD products must be sold in a retail environment such as their own e-commerce store and cannot be redistributed to other retailers to then resell.

Payment for Products:

The “Item Cost” associated with each product is what the Account Holder will pay CBDStartup when an order is placed. The retailer can choose to mark-up the “Item Cost” according to the “Pricing Rules” CBDStartup sets in his/her account identified as the MAP (minimum advertised price). Regardless of what the Account Holder sells the item for on his/her website, the Account Holder will always pay the “Item Cost” to CBDStartup.

Transaction Fees:

We do not charge transaction fees.


The CBDStartup Drop-ship Program follows flat rate shipping on a per order basis. There is a limit to the shipping costs depending on the region from which the item is being sent. For example, US to US shipping has a limit of $15. International shipping ranges and you should check with the countries government taxes and duties fees. CBDStartup will charge a flat $25 for your international orders. However, you will be responsible for any additional fees applied by either the shipper or customs.

Account Holders are required to pay the stated shipping rate with the cost of goods purchased. CBDStartup is not responsible for shipping costs. When the retailer pays for the items, the shipping costs will be automatically added to their checkout. Once the product has been shipped to a customer, the Account Holder is required to include the tracking number to its customers.

Product availability and processing times:

All products listed in our Drop-Ship program are available for drop-shipping as long as CBDStartup agrees to work with the Account Holder. If a product is unavailable for drop-shipping, CBDStartup will quickly remove this product from the shop. Account Holder will receive updates about any changes to our products and available inventory. All Account Holders are responsible for updating their online store accordingly.

CBDStartup will indicate the processing time as well as their delivery times on the shop page. Our average processing and fulfillment times range from 1-3 days. Account Holders should review these processing times and delivery times prior to engaging in the CBDStartup Drop-Shipping Program. Please note that processing times + delivery times is the estimated time it takes to get an item to your customer.

Product imagery:

As long as the Account Holder maintains an active drop-shipping account with CBDStartup, the Account Holder has permission to access all digital files of CBDStartup’s imagery to upload to their online store. We provide digital asset files to be edited in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimension. The Account Holder is responsible for uploading their respective digital label files if the Account Holder wants to white-label his products. All copyright of original images and digital assets designs belongs to CBDStartup. Any use of photos is for the sale of items produced by CBDStartup. The Account Holder owns the copyright to all edited design files.


CBDStartup follows a 14-day return policy during which a customer may return an item that is undamaged, unopened, and unused within 14 days from when the item was received. CBDStartup will also provide a return/refund policy for any damaged or defective items as long as any claims are placed within the agreed upon 5 days of the item being received. Customers will contact the Account Holder with any requests for return and the retailer will then contact the supplier.